Student Rights and Responsibilities

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Summary Description

The mission of the UCSF is advancing health worldwide. As future health care professionals and health science researchers, UCSF students are held to high standards of behavior, particularly in matters of ethics, judgment, and professionalism. As such, student conduct is considered a part of a student’s academic performance.

UCSF’s Principles of Community and PRIDE Values illustrate the expectations for all members of our community as we work together to fulfill UCSF’s mission. Students are expected to act consistently with the values of the University community and to follow University policies and implementing regulations.

The UCSF Policy on Student Conduct and Discipline describes the procedures for addressing alleged violations of non-academic/non-professionalism misconduct. The policy establishes standards for student behavior, clarifies the university’s response to alleged violations, and safeguards students’ rights throughout the process. It is expected that all students understand and comply with this policy throughout their tenure at UCSF.

The office responsible for administering this policy is Student Rights and Responsibilities. To report alleged violations of the UCSF Policy on Student Conduct and Discipline, individuals can email, providing the details of the alleged violation.

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