Student Health and Counseling Services

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Summary Description

The mission of Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS) is to optimize the physical and mental health of students to help them achieve academic success, personal development, and lifelong wellness.

SHCS physicians and nurse practitioners offer preventive healthcare services, routine screenings, health maintenance counseling, patient education, diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses, travel consultations as well as coordination of specialty care. Primary care services include, but are not limited to, medical assessments and physical examinations, women's health, transgender care, sports medicine, office procedures, and lab work and diagnostic testing.

SHCS cares about students’ well-being and is here to support them on their journey at UCSF. Counseling and Psychological Services provides a safe and confidential place to discuss concerns related to one's personal life, academic experience, and professional development. Our psychiatrists and counselors are experienced in addressing the needs of students from diverse backgrounds who are pursuing graduate-level training. Students utilize Counseling and Psychological Services for a variety of concerns which include, but are not limited to: managing the stress of being a graduate/professional student; taking on a new professional identity; coping with depression or anxiety; dealing with grief and loss; struggling in relationships with peers, faculty, roommates, family or romantic partners; use of drugs and alcohol; relationship with food; eating and exercise; and issues related to cultural, gender and sexual identities.

The SHCS nursing team provides consultations to answer commonly asked questions about sore throats, UTIs, birth control, flu, yeast infections, and STD exposures. The nurses administer vaccinations and dispense advice about immunizations and TB screenings. They can also assess symptoms for acute injuries and illnesses and make an appropriate plan of care.

An experienced administrative team is available to support your health care coordination and answer questions related to services and health insurance benefits.

SHCS also offers Health Education and Promotion programs which seek to achieve wellness through student-centered education and creating health-promoting environments.

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