Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Services

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Summary Description

Student Mental Health and Wellbeing (SMHW) is committed to providing high quality, culturally responsive, holistic mental health care and wellbeing services to assist learners in achieving academic and professional success as well as lifelong health. SMHW is a resource for navigating personal concerns, identifying options, reducing stress and solving problems. 

Counseling and psychological services provides a safe and confidential place to discuss concerns related to one's personal life, academic experience, and professional development. Our psychiatrists and psychologists are experienced in addressing the needs of students from diverse and/or marginalized backgrounds. Students utilize services for a variety of concerns which include, but are not limited to: managing stress; professional identity development; depression or anxiety; grief and loss; relationships with peers, faculty, roommates, family or romantic partners; drugs and alcohol; eating concerns; and issues related to cultural, gender and sexual identities.

SMHW also focuses on integrating health and wellbeing into all aspects of the UCSF experience through student-centered initiatives, wellness programs, campus education, training, and advocacy to support health-promoting environments and a thriving student population.

Students with UC SHIP and other insurance are eligible for services at SMHW. An experienced administrative team is also available to facilitate students' health care needs and answer questions related to services and health insurance benefits.

Primary Care Services through UCSF Health

UCSF is committed to ensuring students have access to reliable, high-quality health care services while a student at UCSF. UCSF Health is the designated primary care provider for students with UC SHIP, but all students are welcome to establish care through UCSF Health. First, non-UC SHIP students need to check whether their insurance coverage considers UCSF Health in-network. If UCSF Health is out-of-network, additional costs may apply. Students may establish their “health care home,” at one of several primary care clinic locations in and around San Francisco.

At UCSF Health, primary care will be handled by an entire team that promotes wellness through health counseling, patient education, screenings, and disease diagnosis and treatment. This team-based approach facilitates access to diverse expertise and enhances the continuity of care. The team will include physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and other professionals who work collaboratively to coordinate care.

Additional Information

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