Office for Postdoctoral Scholars

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Summary Description

Part of the Graduate Division, the Office for Postdoctoral Scholars serves as a central resource and information conduit for all postdocs as well as for faculty and staff who work with postdocs at UCSF.

Some of the activities of OPS include:

  • Creating and leading the strategic vision for postdoctoral training at UCSF
  • Developing new initiatives to build a more inclusive environment for UCSF postdocs
  • Advising individual postdocs and their faculty advisers
  • Collaborating with faculty and staff on postdoctoral recruitment, inclusion, retention, workforce development, and training
  • Offering career development opportunities for postdocs
  • Advocating for postdoc community integration at UCSF
  • Streamlining institutional processes for postdocs
  • Directing the Basic Science Responsible Conduct of Research course for Postdoctoral Scholars
  • Reviewing/granting requests for exceptions to standard policy (e.g., length of appointment, part-time appointments, outside professional activity)
  • Liaising and advocating with various regional, national, and international organizations on behalf of UCSF postdocs
  • Maintaining the UCSF postdoc website

‚ÄčRead about the history of postdoctoral training at UCSF.

Appointment Inquiries

Additional Information

Dr. Chequeta D. Allen
Assistant Dean for Postdoctoral Scholars